Melodrama » Sun, Dec 11th 2005 3:22 pm

I can remember watching television dramas and wondering just where the hell the writers came up with their ideas. After having been through high school and attended a few “parties”, I’ve realized the shocking truth: reality is, after all, far stranger (and crueller) than fiction.

I am, apparently, friends with people who are in fact enemies. I’ve borne witness to the sheer hatred expressed when someone leaves the room, and I’ve seen that person return ignorantly to a sea of smiles. To this day I can’t comprehend their motives.

It’s one thing to not like someone, but it’s another to engage in full-out social warfare against them. Just what the hell kinds of lives are these people leading wherein they fill the hours on the phone spreading gossip and rumours about the people they regularly party with? It’s as though they crave conflict and attend such gatherings solely for the purpose of “gathering intelligence” to feed their battle plans. It’d almost be cute if it weren’t so absolutely disgusting.

What’s more shocking is that these people, to me, seem otherwise good. They’re smart and they’re funny, and they seem to be good friends to those with whom they’re genuinely friends. But for some reason, they feel the need to express their reasons for not liking someone to anyone willing to listen. It’s this slander that is often so relentless that anyone unfortunate enough to have to hear it is left with no alternative but to agree until someone else can change their minds for them.

As years pass, we’re left with a very loosely-knit web of strangers and spies, all of whom are pretending to be friends for reasons I can’t possibly fathom, try as I might. There are people who attend these parties whose company I don’t personally enjoy, but I know others do (or at least I think they do) and I simply busy myself with those whose company I prefer. Perhaps this is the trick to successful socializing that I’ve somehow picked up in all my years of being antisocial. However, I think we can rule out that, being the geeky loner that I am, I am some social prodigy. Rather, perhaps being social to me means something wholly different to these others; perhaps they really do see it as a war in which he or she who dies with the most friends wins.

I’m well and truly lost on this one, folks. Please explain to myself and everyone else baffled by these stupid adolescent practices why this is the preferred way to live by so many people. I wonder if even they themselves understand.

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  1. 1 Tyler on Mon, Dec 12th 2005 3:29 pm

    I can’t comprehend why there are these little social wars going on and why everyone must get so mixed up in them. For example, the other night I was out at a pub with a group of people whom I thought were all good friends. Everyone was getting along and having a good time. Yet the very next day a couple people in the group are blatantly insulting the other people in the group. What the hell happened?

    I’ll just assume that some people can’t live without a massive amount of drama in their lives; either that or they just love to stir the shit. Hmm, no, wait, those are one in the same.

    Until this little “war” phase, phases out I’ll just be twiddling my thumbs and laughing on the sidelines watching the sparks fly. I’m not particularly one to choose “teams”. This all seams very stupid to me.

  2. 2 Jeff on Mon, Dec 12th 2005 4:49 pm

    Not going to lie, I love causing shit.

  3. 3 Tyler on Mon, Dec 12th 2005 5:11 pm

    Yeah Jeff, you do like to cause shit, and you’re great at it too. Ha-ha. You do it in a different nonthreatening way though. All of your good friends know you for causing shit and making fun of people, and they don’t really think that much of it because there use to it - they know (for the most part) you’re joking around. They won’t exactly get upset and lash out at you; just like what seams to be happening.

  4. 4 Aaron on Mon, Dec 12th 2005 7:04 pm

    I can see why it’d be fun to play puppeteer, but do understand that things can get rather tangled in a hurry… As in the case of what’s happening between the lot of us. I assume there’s some sense of power in being able to have someone cast out by their own friends, but let’s not forget that these are decent people. Why are those so deserving of this shit always the ones dishing it out instead?

    Is getting along too boring? Hobbies, people. Get one.

  5. 5 Kezzer on Tue, Dec 13th 2005 7:24 pm

    I couldn’t explain it personally, but if you think it’s bad where you live, try going to Guernsey (my homeland). The social wars that go on are terrible, people just feed off the drama. Personally I hate soaps just because I don’t see the point. It’s a TV show about a load of people with problems in their lives. Why not just have no drama? Why do people make certain situations so complicated?

    Hobbies do not help either Aaron, these people need to be taught moral values and how to truly live life as a whole. To be perfectly honest, they’re bitching about someone they don’t like due to a somewhat negative aspect of that person. Surely this is hypocritical?

  6. 6 Aaron on Tue, Dec 13th 2005 8:24 pm

    It’s not even bitching. There’ve been phone calls made for the sole purpose of telling people they aren’t liked. This was from people at one party calling people at another party being held at the same time. Why make a call during a party to express such feelings? It’s a f*ing party people; shut up, smile, and leave everyone the hell alone.

  7. 7 Tyler on Tue, Dec 13th 2005 9:19 pm

    Amen brother!

  8. 8 Shawna on Wed, Dec 14th 2005 2:59 am

    Man- i dunno the reason. i don’t know the current situation, but i know i’ve been the subject of social warring. my main stance now is like yours: go to the party and hang with the people you’re there to hang with. if other people can’t deal then it’s their wasted breath- not yours or mine. years of warring and teen drama taught me this. and thank god i’m not 16 anymore lol my sister’s just entering the world of it, it seems like a genetic rite of passage or something.

    on the subject of the moral life: i have a philosophy exam 2morrow so i should go to bed.

    hope things work out, and hopefully i’ll see you over christmas smiling face